ComfySocks aims to be the most environmental and responsible sock producer. We belive that part of our success is being who we are - a Scandinavian owned company based on respect and care for people and the planet. We have ambitious targets  in the area of sustainablity and responsible production and  we offer socks produced according to the highest product standards within recycling and organic production.

The sustainable developments goals

We belive that we all need to take responsibility to meet the needed targets for a greener world! This is why we are commited to the sustainable development goals, circular business solutions, sustainable products and care for the people who are part of our team and the people we meet along our way.

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals are a framework to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity for all. Everyone from all aspects of our society must contribute and at ComfySocks we have made the sustainable development goals a part of our strategy and goals for 2030.

responsible consumption and production

A responsible production is our main focus simply for the reason that here we can really make a difference!

In every aspets of our production we are looking for the best solutions always with the aim of  reuse and reduce. We are implementing circular solutions for our main waste factions. We encurage our customers to use more sustainable fibers and yarns and we make responsible choices in our own consumption.

affordable and clean energy

ComfySocks uses green energy. in April 2022, we had solar panels installed on our roof. They count for about 25% of our total electricty use. Energy efficiency is considered in all aspects of the company always using the best options available to make our carbon footprint as low as possible. This is also why we will continue to optimise and improve our solar panel system and hopefully in time also store electricity.

clean water and sanitation

In ComfySocks we work to implement the most water effcient and water saving technologies available from a technological and financial perspective. We have focus on water recycling systems and filters to ensure the quality of water.

decent work and economic growth

We believe in decency -  fairness for all parties and partners involved in our daily work. We believe that openness, transparency, fairness and good environmental behavior is the way our business should be build and managed. We believe this is essential for a better future.

Partnerships for the goals

Strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development. This is what it is all about. Partnerships! Cooperation is vital for our ability to succeed in making tomorrow more green and fair. For us this is fundamental.