athletic socks

Sports socks is the foundation of our company and we have 20 years of experience producing socks for all types of sport. With a high technical level, we combine our knowledge and design into the socks to make fitting, look and performance meet in the perfect product. We produce for all sports and athletic purposes, running, biking, hiking, skiing, handball, tennis and many more.

Athletic accessories

To keep warm when exercising in the cold winters, we offer different accessories like leg and arm warmers in different shapes and designs.

Ski Socks

Using high quality yarns, we produce ski socks which meet top skiing equirements with a maximum focus on comfort and temperature.


From top professional bikers to everyday bikers, everybody needs the right equipment to perform no matter what level and how fast you go. We make leg warmers and shoe covers for winter biking.

Gymnastics and Fitness

Special socks with no-slip soles, leg warmers and other special designed socks for gymnastics and fitness.


Handball, basketball and other indoor sports. Comfortable socks which meet expectations in all indoor sports.