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Comfysocks A/S - Socks for your comfort​

Comfysocks A/S is an order producing sock manufacturer with head office in Herning, Denmark and own production plant in Kaunas, Lithuania.

We are a private label producer working with both small and larger well-known brands mainly within the sports industry but we are also producing technical and functional socks to several military forces and larger public companies.​

We strive to be the preferred partner on the b-t-b market place and are working out of this value set:

  • High quality
  • Competitive prices
  • Service-minded
  • Fast and punctual deliveries


We are working with many different yarns and yarn blends.


We deliver socks directly to our customer’s warehouse. 


Do you have any questions - you are welcome to contact us.

Our products​

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Nystedvej 11,

7400 Herning 

Telephone: +45 96 27 04 44

E-mail: mail@c​om​fysocks.dk

CVR: 20907304 

Nystedvej 11
7400 Herning
Tel.: +45 96 27 04 44
CVR: 20907304